Terms for mail magazine for avex network

Terms for registration

The terms herein is applicable for those who wish to register for mail magazines electronically sent through by Avex Marketing Inc(gAMIh) (gRegistered Readersh).

Treatment of personal information

As to the treatment of personal information, Avex GroupfsuPrivacy Policyvshall be applicable. The usage of Registered Readers will be solely used for sending out mail magazines as well as notification.

As to cancelling of the mail magazine registration

When Registered Readers wish to cancel their registration, they can do so by filling out and sending through the registration cancellation form.

As to the cancelling of the Registered Readersf registration by AMI.

When any of the below occurs, AMI shall cancel the registration of the Registered Readers.

  1. When there is an error in the e-mail address, when the e-mail address is invalid and when the mail magazines are undelivered due to reasons such as the mail box is full.
  2. When there occurs significant failure in sending out Registered Readers due to denial of reception by the mail server of the Registered Readers or reception failure.
  3. When any of the below prohibited matters occurred.
  4. When the mail magazine is discontinued.
  5. There is an inadequate reason in the registration and need to cancel such registration.

The content of the mail magazine

When the Registered Reader uses information he or she attained from general mail magazine, he or she shall accept responsibility for any and all result occurs from such act.

Policy for prohibited matters

Those who wish to register or Registered Readers are prohibited to do of the followings.

  1. To register e-mail address of otherfs without approval of such person that such e-mail address belongs to.
  2. To register a number of e-mail addresses illegally obtained or made.
  3. To try to disable AMIfs system in any ways.

Discontinuance of system

AMI may temporarily stop a part of its service or the entre service for maintenance. Also, AMI may stop a part of its service or the entre service when urgent maintenance is necessary or due to force majeure without notice.

Disclaimer and policy

AMI is not liable for any damages that Registered Readers and other affiliates regarding registration and cancellation of mail magazines.

  1. Damages occurred from using information attained from general mail magazine.
  2. Damages occurred because notice was not delivered yet for the reasons not attributable to AMI.
  3. Damages occurred due to undelivered mail magazine.

Other disclaimer and policy shall be governed by the site policy of avex network.

Revision of the term

The term herein may be revised without notice.

Additional clause

This term is valid as of July 1, 2006.